Sarah is a graphic designer and maker who lives in rural central Pennsylvania. She received undergraduate degrees in elementary education from the University of Maine and in graphic design from Pennsylvania College of Technology. She received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.
Sarah grew up in Rockaway, Queens; Brooklyn; NSW, Australia; and all around the state of Maine before settling in central Pennsylvania. It took her awhile to appreciate and understand the landscape around her. It took years of walking, running, and hiking to really see the details, colors, textures, and seasonal changes. Pennsylvania offers up challenging hills and mountains. This landscape has seeped into her work.
Her work involves themes of the natural world, mother/daughterhood, archiving, memory, and handwriting. She likes the routine 100-day projects. Working in the face of not knowing the ultimate outcome is the uncomfortable sweet spot where Sarah often finds herself. What does it mean? Where are we going and what is the point? The answers to these questions inevitably reveal themselves. Trusting the process guides her practice.
Her favorite mediums include: collage, drawing, and myriad analog methods of mark making. ​​​​​​​

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